The BMI Lie (podcast from Thinsanity Audiobook)

By November 28, 2020 Podcast

The BMI Lie (podcast from Thinsanity Audiobook)

In this special excerpt from the Thinsanity audiobook, I share the surprising truth about the Body Mass Index, from its unexpected origins to its unethical manipulation by big business to turn a profit. I suggest a re-interpretation of BMI categories based on actual science (not paid-for/company sponsored science) that acknowledges the harmful affects of weight stigma, and ponder the possibility that we’re all (finally) ready to be free of it …

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This podcast refers to two diagrams from the supplementary materials of the audiobook:

I hope you liked listening to the section (as different from what we are normally told and as mind-boggling as it is!), and if you’d like to learn more about the new way forward that we are all ready for that I talk about at the end of the podcast, I’d like to invite you to download a copy of the audiobook for yourself!

In some places (such as the one you’ve just heard and in some of the meditations and visualisations, where I actually take you through them just like I would a client!), the audio version of the book is actually more beneficial than the physical book, so happy listening, and be sure to let me know how it benefits you!

*Australian link provided. To purchase Thinsanity in your area, please go to your local Audible website and search ‘Thinsanity’!