Transformation Support Community

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Pre-registration and payment authority

Please sign me up as a foundation member of the Transformation Support Community, as we together build a supportive community featuring:

    $120/month $79.99/month discounted rate you will get for as long as you remain a member, as a thank you for helping me test and develop the program!

    I authorize payments to Weight Management Psychology. I understand that I am registering for an ongoing subscription, which will begin on 22nd Jan 2021, and which I can cancel at any time.

    *48 weeks of the year, we will break for Christmas every year, immediately before and during which time I will provide some special content for you to keep you going!
    **We are exploring all different membership platforms to make it the most user-friendly, interactive, and transformational group possible! It’s possible the Facebook community will be replaced with a better community!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    I have already done the TMT … is the Transformation Support Community suitable for me?

    Absolutely! I created the Transformation Support Community to offer closer support to people who want to finally make peace with food, get friendly with physical activity, learn to love their bodies healthy, and generally just kill it at life! People who have already completed the Twelve Month Transformation, read my book, or are just familiar with my work are perfect for the TSC.

    What if I already have lifetime access to TMT Online?

    The Transformation Support Community membership includes access to all of the TMT Online materials (but more as reference material to delve into / as pre-readings etc.). As a lifetime TMTer, when the time is right for you to finish up with the Transformation Support Community, you’ll still have access to the TMT Online forever (members of the Transformation Support Community only have access for as long as they’re members!).

    What happens if I want to cancel my subscription?

    No worries, you can cancel anytime! You will still remain a member of the Transformation Support Community, with access to the weekly webinars, TMT Online, Complete Reprogramming Series, and member-only Facebook community until the end of your paid subscription period. 🙂

    Do I have to attend the live webinars?

    Not at all! While we’d love to have you if and when you can make them, our experience running 35 weekly webinars in 2020 has shown us that over 60% of our members prefer to watch the webinars in their own time. Think of it like your favourite TV show – you can tune in when it’s first aired, or you can watch the taped episode (now I’m showing my age!) whenever suits you 🙂

    What if I miss a webinar, will I fall behind?

    In short, no. We’ll be covering a range of different topics like setting yourself up with the foundations for success, mastering intuitive eating abilities, developing joyful movement habits, and cultivating a positive body image (to name a few!). If you miss a webinar, you can always catch it up, and if you miss a few, you can always rejoin the fold whenever you want to, which may make sense to do at one of the natural restarting points that occur as we change topics (approximately every 4 – 8 weeks!). And don’t worry if you miss a really relevant topic, you’ll have the webinars accessible in a library that you can access whenever the time is right! Life happens, and we get that, so it’s no stress!

    How many members will there be?

    The more the merrier! I consider this to be the most effective and affordable way for me to serve my community and the more members, the easier it is for me to keep the monthly fee low! From my experience, some people will engage and interact a lot more than others so usually each individual member will get the right amount of support they need. And if we get really big, I have some cool ideas planned (think webinars turned into member-only podcasts so you can listen to them anywhere, more dedicated expert supporters for the private Facebook group, and some cool use of technology so you can be reminded of your transformations on your phone!) to make sure that as we get bigger, we all get better!