has a unique ability to spread powerful messages in a relatable way.

Glenn on screen

Apart from on his popular YouTube Channel, Glenn can be seen on the following screens.

ABC Catalyst: ‘Doctor At The Door: The McClellands’

Glenn’s tips for the public from his appearances as consultant psychologist on The Biggest Loser: Transformed:

Glenn on the airwaves

Apart from on his highly downloaded podcast The Glenn Mackintosh Show, Glenn can be heard on the following airwaves.

Dietitian Connection Podcast

Weight loss: Treating the mind and the body with psychologist Glenn Mackintosh.

Off the Record with Marika Day

Having difficult conversations about weight and body image with psychologist Glenn Mackintosh.

Hack on Triple J

Glenn speaking with Triple J’s Hack program about when #fitspo became so toxic.

Sarah Liz King Podcast

Thinsanity: how society’s obsession with thinness is ruining our health with psychologist Glenn Mackintosh.

Hack on Triple J

Glenn and Taryn Brumfitt speaking with Triple J’s Hack program about weight stigma.

Dietitian Connection Podcast

Glenn speaks with Dietitian Connection about the relationship between psychology and dietetics.


Glenn speaking with RadioLIVE about freeing yourself from dieting.


Glenn speaking with 4BC about bariatric surgery.


Glenn speaking with the ABC about hedonic eating.

Glenn in print

Apart from on his revolutionary blog 52 Thoughts for the Chronic Dieter, Glenn can be read in the following print articles.

Note: As Glenn is opposed to thin-ideal imagery and diet culture messages in popular media, we have linked the articles without their cover images, so you can find some helpful messages while minimizing your exposure to harmful ones. Please note that while Glenn takes great care to ensure his voice is shared authentically, all views in these articles – including those attributed to him – are not always his own.

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