Lyndi Cohen – From Shame to Fame – A personal story of non-dieting

By December 31, 2019 January 24th, 2020 Podcast

From Shame to Fame – A personal story of non-dieting (Podcast with Lyndi Cohen)

Do you like the sound of body positivity and intuitive eating, but struggle to make them work for you in real life?  Living in a crazy culture of weight obsession makes it pretty hard.  But today’s guest has overcome her own personal struggles with food and her body, and made it her life’s mission to help others do the same.

In this heartwarming interview, leading non-diet and Today show dietitian Lyndi Cohen and I discuss:

✔︎  Lyndi’s personal story of dieting since before age 11.
✔︎  How Lyndi did the OPPOSITE of what she was taught as a dietitian.
✔︎  Moving from “control” to “choice”.
✔︎  The importance of enjoyment (using salad dressing as an example!)
✔︎  How Lyndi invests in mental health and manages anxiety.
✔︎  Why Lyndi and I both see psychologists.
✔︎  Balancing body positivity and the desire to lose weight.
✔︎  Lyndi’s 20 kilogram weight loss (the part people don’t focus on).
✔︎  Using your high willpower self to support your low willpower self.
✔︎  Stamp collecting healthy habits and the power of imperfect action!
✔︎  The important difference between a meal plan and meal planning.
✔︎  How-tos and troubleshooting (Q&A from my Facebook Group).
✔︎  Creating a health-supportive environment (without restricting).
✔︎  Dealing with afternoon snacking and overeating when stressed.
✔︎  Differentiating habit cravings from “want it” cravings.
✔︎  Lyndi’s advice on “losing stubborn body fat” (client question).
✔︎  The “building a bridge” metaphor of health change (I love this!)
✔︎  Lyndi’s advice for dealing with weight comments and body bullies.

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Our Psychology of Eating, Movement, Weight, & Body-image Support Group.

The combination of like-minded psychology and dietetics is so vital, and both working together can make all the difference, so thanks for listening.  And if you do feel you’d benefit from some extra support Lyndi’s program and mine are both here to support you (maybe even together – as we’ve said the combination can be amazingly powerful)!


Episode Highlights:

[05:38] Introducing Lyndi Cohen

[08:15] Lyndi’s personal story that compelled her to study dietetics

[13:57] Why when Lyndi graduated her dietetics degree she decided she wasn’t going to practice in the way she was taught because she’d discovered non-dieting

[16:03] How Lyndi found out about non-dieting

[17:32] how Lyndi manages her life in a non-dieting way – moving from “control” to “choice”

[19:36] Lyndi’s opinion on salad dressing “on the side”

[20:56] Glenn’s story of how he met Lyndi and the piece of advice that transformed his dinners

[19:53] How Lyndi takes care of her mental health

[23:26] How Lyndi manages her social media

[24:08] Why Lyndi sees a psychologist to help manage her wellbeing proactively

[25:56] Lyndi talks about how – for her – losing weight did happen when she followed a non-dieting, body-positive approach

[26:54] On measuring success via the scales

[27:13] On people wanting fast weight loss

[27:40] On relying on willpower and willpower fatigue

[28:06] On building habits long term

[28:37] Lyndi’s idea of “stamp collecting” healthy habits

[28:04] Lydni’s idea of moving forward with “imperfect action”

[29:44] How Lyndi defines a diet

[31:45] Moving from meal plans to meal planning

[34:14] Lydni’s Instagram posts on body positivity

[35:50] Lyndi’s “how-to’s’ and troubleshooting intuitive eating

[41:21] On binge eating at night

[42:08] On focusing on what to add in to your diet – not what to take out – what Lyndi calls “crowding”

[42:47] Lyndi’s only nutrition goal

[44:03] On the intention behind your behaviour

[44:34] Lydni’s belief in automation

[45:19] On managing food cravings and the different types of food cravings

[48:20] On the environmental factors that influence your habits

[50:30] A question from the audience on how to consistently stay healthy, not dieting, but losing some stubborn fat

[50:55] Lyndi’s view of change being like building a bridge

[55:46] Lyndi’s Keep It Real program

[59:00] How Lyndi encourages people to deal with social influences (friends, family, health professionals) around eating, exercise and weight.

[1:01:20] Lydni’s advice for people commenting on your weight and body bullies

[1:07:18] On body positivity being about positivity and acceptance

[1:05:22] On Lydni’s book “The Nude Nutritionist”

[1:09:54] Parting thoughts on non-dieting and body positivity