Intro – Why I Created The Podcast

By December 31, 2019 Podcast

Intro – Why I Created The Podcast

Welcome to the Glenn Mackintosh show, I’m Glenn Mackintosh – a psychologist who is super-interested in eating, physical movement, weight, body image and holistic health in general, I’m talking – physical, mental, emotional, social, existential and even spiritual health.

I’m so glad you’ve found me, and soon you’ll soon hear I can talk about this stuff all day, and that’s really where the idea for the podcast came from.  I already had my Q&A video series Thursday Therapy and my blog “52 thoughts for the chronic dieter”, which I’m turning into a book called “Thinsanity”, so even though lots of people were asking for a podcast, I’d sort of put it off for a little while.  But then I found myself having all of these amazing conversations with unbelievably inspiring people – groundbreaking scientists, bestselling book authors, world leaders of important social change movements, and I’m having these conversations and thinking “literally millions of people would benefit from hearing this chat”, so I really wanted to share these talks with you, and wham-o the podcast was born.  It turns out that after doing over a decade of blogging and almost half that of videos, podcasting is already one of my favourite things!  I love it and I’m really looking forward to taking the journey with you.

The show is based on interviews with like-minded people who inspire me and who share some of my core values of compassion, science, and innovation – compassion because feeling shame around our challenges is more often the cause of our problems than the cure, evidence because I believe science is the best way we have to understand what’s really going on how to best help people, and innovation because sometimes traditional approaches don’t offer all the answers for us, and even, as in the case of dieting, potentially do more harm than good.

We’ll also be sharing parts of my best videos that work in sound-only – there’s just too much awesome stuff in there not to, I’ll share some of the most relevant interviews and presentations I give, and I’m even thinking of some crazy ideas like reading some of my favourite blogs to you, as a lot of people prefer to listen over reading, and even recording some of my hypnotherapy sessions with clients for you to listen to.  As always, I’m really keen to hear what you want, so please be in touch by using the contact form, or getting in touch on my Instagram and Facebook because – like everything we do in our community – we are co-creating it together, so I’m so excited to be sharing this journey with you, and supporting you to make peace with food, find joy in physical movement, fall in love with your body, and generally just live an awesome, meaningful, healthy, happy, amazing life in the way that is right for you as a unique individual!

I’m Glenn Mackintosh, and welcome to my show!

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