The Glenn Mackintosh ShowA health psychology podcast

Welcome to the Glenn Mackintosh show!  A fun, compassionate, and EVIDENCE-BASED health psychology podcast where we talk everything new in eating, exercise, weight, body-image, and holistic health (I’m talking mental, emotional, social, existential, and even spiritual, baby!)  Advocating for size-diversity and intuitive eating, you won’t find diet hacks, weight loss psychology, or anything promoting fast, easy weight loss (or other fictional tales) here!

Hosted by specialist psychologist Glenn Mackintosh, who supports people worldwide with his transformational online programs, you’ll find mind-bending interviews with amazing health professionals, Glenn’s YouTube Q&A “Thursday Therapy” Podcastified for you, some TRANCEformational hypnotherapy sessions and so much awesome stuff for people who want to make peace with food, fall in love with physical movement, embrace body positivity and generally just kill it at life!  Subscribe and let Glenn regularly bring his stigma-busting therapy that nurtures without judging to YOU!

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