Louise Green – Unleash your inner athlete at ANY size

By December 31, 2019 January 24th, 2020 Podcast

Louise Green – Unleash your inner athlete at ANY size

Many people feel they’re too fat to get really fit…which is what Louise Green believed until she had a transformational personal experience.  Her journey lead to authoring the book Big Fit Girl and helping women all over the world – of ALL shapes and sizes – unleash their inner athlete.

In this thought-provoking 55-minute podcast Louise and I discuss:

✔︎  Louise’s English Bulldog Henry (and what he has to do with size diversity).
✔︎  Changing how we view success (weight loss is just a by-product).
✔︎  Glenn doing a weight-inclusive workout wearing a 20 Kilo weights vest!
✔︎  Separating your worth from your weight.
✔︎  How slow change is not sexy (but finding your personal power is).
✔︎  That Australian women “do diet culture brilliantly”…but are ready to leave.
✔︎  Cultivating a positive body image in a culture of body shame.
✔︎  Surrounding yourself with body positive influences (and who to follow)
✔︎  Reversing the hierarchy of power with your trainer.
✔︎  Feeling completely comfortable to give your trainer feedback.
✔︎  Communicating with your trainer to get the best results.
✔︎  How to interview trainers to find the right fit for both of you.
✔︎  The impact of bad fitness experiences (and how to avoid them!)
✔︎  Overcoming fear of getting moving.
✔︎  Getting rid of nagging self-doubts and dealing with negative thinking.
✔︎  Audience questions from Liz, Lanair, Fiona & Helen

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Episode Highlights:

[05:40] An introduction to Louise and about her dog, Henry.
[06:25] On “Poodle Science”.
[07:34] How Louise started seeing her health and fitness in a new way.
[08:05] On feeling ‘sidelined’ in the fitness industry and building a business on this experience.
[09:22] On the personal training industry
[10:26] Louise’s advice to personal trainers on what the everyday person is wanting to achieve through movement and fitness
[12:06] On trainers putting themselves in the person’s position to understand what it would be like to move around in a larger body
[13:50] On trainers walking through their practice to see if it is setup for people in larger bodies
[16:05] On Louise’s approach and why so many women tether their value to their weight
[17:05] How Louise helps people deemphasise the scales and actually take the focus off weight
[18:08] The question Louise asks people when she works with them.
[16:57] Why Louise suggests focusing on how you want to feel rather than what you want to weigh.
[20:02] Louise’s history with dieting and being measured by BMI.
[21:30] On the dieting industry making weight loss seem sexy and easy.
[23:12] About people who have been stuck in diet culture being are ready for another paradigm.
[23:50] Louise’s perspective of the women she coaches from Australia and diet culture in Australia.
[25:26] About Glenn’s Facebook group
[26:26] On the questions from Glenn’s Facebook group for Louise centring on developing body-positivity in a culture that is so weight-bias.
[27:39] On changing your sphere and introducing a range of body-positive people in your life.
[29:50] Louise on Instagram.
[30:19] Louise’s suggestions for great Instagram body positive follows.
[32:02] How Louise suggests choosing your trainer, and the hierarchy between client and trainer.
[37:42] On bad fitness experiences.
[39:35] Removing nagging self-doubting feelings of going on the next fad diet.
[42:42] On developing diet resilience.
[43:40] On developing body positivity being work, but work that sticks.
[44:15] Louise’s collaboration with Diabetic Living – the Australian publication.
[46:42] About Louise’s online training.
[48:57] The type of people Louise works with.
[52:20] Final thoughts.